Happy Birthday, Aubrey Plaza! Our Favorite Funny Latinas

It’s Aubrey Plaza’s birthday today, our favorite dry-humor, deadpan comedian currently starring in Parks and Recreation, and in the new movie Safety Not Guaranteed.  But what other Latinas make our stomachs hurt from laughing? Here’s our list of some majorly funny ladies. 

1. Funny Latinas: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza

Seriously, her dry style and deadpan comedy always has us rolling. Whether she’s playing April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, Seth Rogan’s love interest, Daisy, in the 2009 movie Funny People, or even just doing stand-up comedy, this funny chica keeps our attention.



2. Clone of Funny Latinas: Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson

“Se-cur-ity? SE-CUR-ITY!” Say hello to the comedian who spawned a million imitations, Anjelah Johnson. Known for her character Bon Qui Qui, which she debuted on MADtv, and for her Korean nail salon imitation, this comic is one hilarious mujer.

3. Funny Latinas: Marilyn Martinez

Marilyn Martinez

Martinez passed away in 2007, but she’ll always be known a Latin diva of comedy in our books. She appeared in two Latin comedy specials, and was a regular performer of stand-up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. 

4. Funny Latinas: Shayla Rivera

Shayla Rivera

This Boricua stand-up comedian actually earned a degree in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M, working for NASA after graduation, until her love for comedy won out. She was named the “Funniest Latina Comedian” by Latin 2015, and appeared in the Comedy Central special “Comedy Rehab.” In other words? She’ll definitely get you laughing. 

5. Funny Latinas: Sandra Valls

Sandra Valls

This Mexican comedian often plays on society and sexuality (she’s a lesbian) for her sets. One of the “Latin Divas of Comedy”, her trademark humor might not be the best bet for watching with your mami

6. Funny Latinas: Debi Gutierrez

Debi Gutierrez

Nicknamed the “mommy comic”, this comedian has been at it for 17 years (meaning she knows how to get those laughs!). We’re obsessed with her dead-on impressions and observations of family life.