Father Cutié and his Little Cutie

Father Alberto Cutié introduced his first child, Camila Victoria, to the world on the cover of People en Español this week.

The beautiful baby girl was born to the former priest and his wife Ruhama Buni Cutié on Nov. 30th of last year, after Father Cutié left his post in the Catholic Church for a position within the Episcopalian Church. Cutié wed Ruhama in June 2009, after a Spanish-language tabloid exposed their affair.

The Father has a new book, Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love (Celebra, $25.95), out in stores January 4, in which he sharply criticizes the church calling it "misogynistic," "disconnected" and an "institution that continues to promote old ideas."

On the birth of Camila, Cutié told the mag, "God gave me the opportunity to be a father and a Father! She was born with her eyes open, observing everything. We both [Alberto and Ruhama] began to cry from joy."

Congrats to the proud new parents!