Father Alberto Cutié Reveals Sex of His Baby-to-Be!

Padre Alberto Cutié is expecting his second baby with his wife Ruhama and he just revealed the exciting news of the gender of his child-to-be to MámasLatinas.com!

The Puerto Rican Episcopalian priest said in his column for the website, “Yesterday morning, I was running after my daughter Camila all around the doctor's office and making sure she wouldn't get into trouble. My focus was on her every step, in what seemed like just another typical moment in the life of a family with young children. This moment however was anything from typical. This precise moment was about to present us with another great gift in our family's life.”

Padre Alberto Cutié Has Second Baby on The Way!

He continued, “Suddenly, the doctor says: ‘You’re expecting a boy!’”

“There is no doubt we feel blessed and filled with happy emotions, excited for what this new stage in life has in store for us,” Cutié said. “We know love and patience will conquer as our family grows.”

We are so happy for Padre Cutié and his family! Congratulations!