Famed Mexican Comedian Capulina Dead at 85

Beloved Mexican comedian Gaspar Henaine, best known as Capulina, died this past Friday. He was 85. “Yes, it’s official… the heavens are receiving the best man, father, grandfather, and comedian of the world!” Capulina’s granddaughter Ericka Alemán posted on Twitter. CNN México reports that the comedian died of complications from a gastric ulcer after spending the last days of September in a hospital.

Capulina was known as the king of clean humor and kept his comedy to innocent jokes as opposed to the typical Mexican style of humor often riddled with double meanings and innuendo. Stumbles, miming, and messes characterized his comedic style.

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Born in Chignahuapán, Mexico to a Lebanese father and Mexican mother, Capulina began his acting career as a teenager. He later shot to stardom in Latin America through his professional partnership with the late Marco Antonio Campos Contreras. Together the comic-musical duo known as Viruta y Capulina made more than 20 films together, some of which were written by Roberto Gomez Bolaños (best known as Chespirito).

After Capulina and Viruta parted ways, Capulina continued on the big screen, starring in films such as El Sonámbulo (The Sleepwalker) and En peligro de muerte (In Danger of Death). He also recorded more than 10 musical albums. Capulina’s last role was in the 1999 Mexican telenovela El diario de Daniela.

Our condolences go out to Capulina’s family.

Watch a Viruta Y Capulina scene below.