Fallout Begins from Overly-Candid J. Lo Interview

The gloves are off and Jennifer Lopez's camp looks poised for an attack. The victims? Daily Beast editor Tina Brown and journalist Kevin Sessums, who put out this surprisingly candid interview with J. Lo—the same one the superstar successfully had killed from the October issue of Elle magazine.

Are the politics of the publishing world confusing you? Here's the backstory. Elle had hired Sessums to write a profile on Jennifer for their October cover, but the magazine pulled him from the job at the request of Miss Lopez and her reps, after his interview (which took place at Jennifer and Marc's Long Island mansion) "got much too personal," a source tells the New York Post.

Elle then hired another writer to take over, and commanded him to focus on Jennifer as a fashion icon rather than the sick, tired new mom Sessums described: "Her unwashed hair is pulled severely back and there's a halo of frizz around the crown of her head." The multitasker had even opened up to Sessums about having a nervous breakdown on the set of her film Enough several years ago.

Elle ran the puff piece, but now the original interview is out there on the World Wide Web, thanks to Tina Brown and the Daily Beast. Needless to say, Jennifer and her handlers are none too pleased. A rep says, "We're very unhappy about it, and think it was poor judgment on his part. As long as we have represented Jennifer, we have never heard her refer to having a breakdown of any sort."

One insider told the Post that the photo shoot and interview were pitched to Jennifer as "a fashion discussion about a woman who had new babies and was doing it all."

Instead, Sessums portrayed her as a weepy, fragile new mother who admitted that she "did cry a lot [after the babies were born] because I was having so much trouble moving."

We've always known Jennifer Lopez has maintained a tight hold over her public image, but to be ashamed of the things that make her human and relatable just seems silly to us. The Sessums interview did reveal a lot more than we usually get in a J. Lo interview, but frankly, we're a little tired of the "fashion icon" angle and like her better when she lets her flaws show. Don't worry, Jennifer, even superhero-diva-icons are allowed to cry once in a while!