EXCLUSIVE: Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima: "Motherhood has done wonders for me. Physically, I feel more beautiful"

We caught up with the always beautiful Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret Summer Bombshell Tour and the Brazilian stunner gave us the inside scoop on how mommyhood has changed her for the better.

“Motherhood has done wonders for me. Physically, I feel more beautiful and think those pregnancy hormones were great for my skin and hair. As for personally, I feel more secure and confident. I have more patience and am more open to people. It really changes the way you carry yourself and see the world," she marveled.

And, if you think Adriana is always dolled up like she is for her shoots and on the runway, she wants you to know she’s not! “People imagine that we live in high heels and beautiful dresses all the time, but it’s just part of our job," she admits. "At home I dress down and dress up once in a while like a regular person."

Oh Adriana, you'll never quite be a "regular" person, but we love how down to earth you are!