EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Justice: “I Don’t Want People To Know Who I’m Dating”

In the music video for her latest singleVictoria Justice sings : “My best friend’s brother is the one for me.” And apparently, those aren’t just the words to a song. The Puerto Rican actress/singer—who is currently recording her debut album—says the song was inspired by a real-life crush. 

“I actually have had a crush on my best friend’s brother,” Victoria revealed exclusively to Latina.com. “I wrote this song last summer and I totally had him in mind. I figured if I’ve felt this way, I couldn’t be the only one.”

Victoria says she told her real-life best friend she was crushing on her brother. “I’ve played the song for my best friend, but I'm not sure if her brother’s even heard it,” admits Justice. “I'd love to see his reaction.”

The 18-year-old star of Nickelodeon’s hit series, Victorious says her crush is a few years old. “We had a thing for each other when we were young,” she explains. “I was around 14, almost 15. It never really went anywhere. If I were to see him now, things would be totally cool—we’d laugh about it.”

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Victoria—who is rumored to be dating Ryan Rottman who guest starred on an episode of her hit show, Victorious—told us exclusively what she looks for in a guy. “I look for the three S’s—someone who's sweet, sensitive and supportive,” says Justice. “It’s also important to be able to laugh with someone—I like a guy that’s not afraid to make fun of himself, someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. You have to be able to unleash your inner goofball with me," she says. 

And that’s not all Victoria looks for in a guy. “Loyalty, honesty and trust are such huge things. I need to know that you’ll have my back no matter what,” she says. “Oh, and I need a gentleman—someone mature, considerate and chivalrous. I feel like I’m placing an ad in the paper…did I mention I like long walks on the beach?” she jokes.

We asked Victoria—who is blowing up right now with a movie, music and TV career—if it’s weird that people want to know so much about her personal life, including who she’s dating. “I guess because people are more aware of who I am, they’re going to wonder about my personal life,” says the humble star. “It's human nature,” she reasons. “I get it.”

Still, that doesn’t mean she's going to tell the media who she's dating. “I’m a pretty private person when it comes to that sort of thing. I don't really want people to know who I'm dating and I try really hard to keep it separate from everything else,” she says.

But lately, Victoria says that's been tough to do."It's become more difficult," says the teen, whose star is quickly on the rise. “I realize now that paparazzi, camera phones, Twitter, etc. don't necessarily make it easy to keep that part of your life private. Somehow it seems that the terms have changed for me and I will have to be very aware of that going forward.”

Welcome to stardom, Victoria!