EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez on 'Monte Carlo': "We Never Hung Out with Guys"

At Z100’s Jingle Ball over the weekend, Selena Gomez told MTV News that she would love the opportunity to work with her Monte Carlo co-star Cory Monteith again.

"He loves singing and I'd love to sing with him one day, because he's got a great voice,” said Selena, who released her 2nd album, A Year Without Rain in September.

Selena added that she and her female costar, Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) would often sing on the set of the movie and that Monteith, who plays Finn on FOX’s hit musical, would complain…at first.

"Cory would be like, 'I just left Glee,' and then he'd sing with us too,” says Gomez.

Although everytime Selena is snapped with a boy, rumors spring up about her love life, she is definitely not involved with Monteith. Not only is Cory nine years older than the 18-year-old Selena, but when we spoke with Selena back in July about filming Monte Carlo, the actress said the movie was all about girl power—not boys.

“Leighton and Katie [Cassidy] and me spent every scene together,” Selena explained. “We’d have dinner together and we would talk and we’d go out and it was always us three girls. There were romantic aspects for each of our characters and we had a lot of guys that were on the set, and at our hotel, but we never hung out with them. [Laughs]. We just hung out with each other. "

Monte Carlo, which will hit theatres in the summer of 2011, is about three friends who go to Monte Carlo after one of them is mistaken for a British heiress.