EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez: "It's Really Toxic What they do to Girls in This Industry"

Last week, after the news broke that Disney star Demi Lovato checked herself into an in-patient rehab facility for emotional and physical issues, the star’s father, Patrick Lovato told Radaronline that the pressures of Hollywood led to Demi’s breakdown: “There are a lot of pressures. That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney,” he said.

It reminded us about a conversation we had with Lovato’s one-time BFF Selena Gomez back in July. When we asked Gomez about the rumors floating around that she and Demi were feuding, she responded. “You can’t care [about stuff like that],” said Gomez, who assured us that she and Demi were still friends. It’s really toxic what they do to girls in the industry.”

Gomez vented her frustration about rumors and reports being directed mainly at young girls in Hollywood.  “You never really see it with guys,” she said. “So you have to not care. Which I think is really good and positive for both of us.”

It’s tough for someone to be young, female and famous, and Selena has her own opinions about how other stars have grown up in the industry. “I think that’s all about how they see their career,” Selena said, without judgment. “I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong what other people are doing, it’s just what they want to do. And there should be nothing wrong with that. Everybody’s different. All you can do is go for it and do the best that you can.”

When we asked about Lindsay Lohan, the Mexican actress said she felt sympathy for her. “I don’t think anybody should be mean because you never understand what’s someone is going through,” Selena stated. “And it is partly [this] business, because it is crazy and hectic. So I think that nobody should be rude. If this were a normal person, you wouldn’t be so judgmental. I feel like people shouldn’t judge as much, they should give their sympathy.”

Last week, when we asked Selena to comment on Demi's current troubles through her rep, she declined, and has thus far been quiet on the topic of her friend's troubles.