EXCLUSIVE: Odette Annable's Anniversary Gift for Dave Annable: "More Rosetta Stone to Learn Spanish!"

On Monday October 10th, Cuban actress Odette Annable (House) and her husband Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) will be celebrating their one year anniversary as a married couple! Earlier this week, Odette spoke exclusively to Latina.com about how she and Dave plan to celebrate their anniversary, why she and Dave should have their own reality show, and why she plans to buy her hubby "more Rosetta Stone" to help him learn Spanish!

Odette Yustman Marries Dave Annable!

When you got married last year, you changed your last name from Yustman to Annable. Has that been confusing for people?

Yeah, I think some people are a little confused. But for the most part, people know that I just got married and they're putting two and two together. I'm actually having my one year anniversary next week—we made it one year! Oh my God!

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How are you and Dave going to celebrate your one-year anniversary on Monday?

We're actually going to be in New York for one of Dave's best friends' wedding. I think that's the best way to celebrate—at another wedding!

Your husband recently told Us Weekly that he knows he has to buy you something for your anniversary or he'll be in big trouble! What's the best present he could give you on your anniversary?

Not to fight with me for a whole year! {Laughs}. Always agree with me...

And what will you be getting Dave?

You know, I've been thinking about this because it's coming up and i haven't gotten him anything. People say the first year you get him a paper gift—I don’t really know what that means. I guess we’re just going to have to talk—we were like, 'what do you want?' I mean, do you have any suggestions?

You should get him something Latin!

I should, right? I should get him...well, more Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish! That was one of our wedding vows—I said, 'do you promise to learn Spanish?' and he said, "si." {Laughs}. 

Has he really commited to learning Spanish or was he just joking?

No, I think he's going to commit to it. It's important to me—I really want to raise my kids speaking Spanish, so he's got a couple of years to go. Hopefully he'll get on that.

Magazines like Us Weekly and People cover your and Dave's every move together, because you're such a hot, young couple!

If they only knew how boring we actually are! {Laughs}. Dave's eyes start getting heavy at around 9 p.m. and I'm like, 'OK, i guess maybe I should follow.' We're like an old, boring couple. {Laughs}. But we really should have a reality show following us because our house is very interesting—we've got two dogs, we've got people in and out of our house all of the time. It's always like a party. It's cool.