EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Morales at the Royal Wedding!

It was 30 years ago but I remember it as clear as yesterday. I was eight years old and at my grandmother's house in Brazil. She woke us up early to watch the royal wedding. I remember seeing Princess Diana emerge from the glass coach like Cinderella. She was a beautiful bride and that enormous dress and train took my breath away.

I've seen it since in person and it actually looks ridiculous. The puffy sleeves and 25 foot long train that was so wrinkled from being stuffed in the carriage.  It's funny though as a little girl the impression she made as the Princess bride. From then on, I always expected all brides to look so ethereal and regal.  Sadly we know the rest of the story, but now there's renewed hope.

It's amazing to be here in London on the eve of the royal wedding to see how Diana's little boy has grown up into such a fine young man.  We are proud of him, those of us who feel like we've grown up with him.  To know how much he's gone through as a child.  He was his mother's primary confidant when things were at there worst in her marriage and life.  He shouldered a burden bigger than most kids ever should.  He has shouldered it all so well... And is the new hope of the British monarchy.

Yes he's every definition so it seems of the prince, but he seems to have found his equal in the soon-to-be princess. I'm excited to see how Catherine Middleton chooses to live her life and fulfill her role as a Royal.  As we are all already so intrigued and enamored of Kate, you can't help but think Diana is looking upon them now... seeing her son and how happy he is... And she must be smiling.  There are "happily ever afters" after all!