Exclusive: Michelle Rodriguez Opens Up About Her Sexuality

From the time she got Hollywood's attention as a tough teen with an attitude problem in 2000's Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez has had people buzzing for another reason: is she, or isn't she? In spite of the rumors, slander and wild speculation, the sometimes reclusive, often explosive star has remained tight-lipped about her sexuality—until now. Michelle tells Latina.com why she has refused to answer questions about her love life in the past, and what she has to say to inquiring minds now.

The Vagina Monologue

"What the majority of [people] want to know is what I'm doing with my vagina, and I think that that's sick," she says over the phone from New Zealand, where she's shooting the new James Cameron film Avatar. "What do you care who I'm dating? I can tell when somebody just wants to know about sex. And it makes me sick."

Bad to the Bone

Michelle's tough-as-nails attitude and refusal to succumb to the industry's standards of femininity have resulted in endless questions about her sexuality. "I think that they wonder because I'm such a tomboy. And I don't care about what I look like most of the time. You'll see me walking around in my jeans for the most part. I'm pretty much a tough ass. You don’t see that type of s**t in a lot of women," she says, before a long pause. "Sorry, I just had to knock out that burp."

Dirty Little Secrets

As almost anyone who knows her can attest, Michelle isn't one to bite her tongue once she's on a roll. "Every time you see a woman who walks down the street, you think, 'is she f*ckable?'" she says, when we ask why she thinks there is enduring interest in her love life, " Any woman who is in some way f*ckable, you know, if she's beautiful, or if she has a nice body, you wonder what kind of things that person does with their private area." She goes on to say, "it's a very perverse way of thinking, but it's the way that the majority of adults in the United States and around the world think. Or the porn industry wouldn't be the highest grossing industry in the world."

Behind Closed Doors

"I picture them turning into pigs, slime coming out the side of their mouth, and I picture them jerking off," she says of the journalists and bloggers who she believes are constantly trying to 'out' her: "I don't answer those questions. I just keep it to myself and it's nobody's business. If I wanna f*ck a girl, a boy, a dog—that's my business. That's why there's bathroom doors."

To read what Michelle has to say about working with James Cameron, dissing Perez Hilton, and doing time in jail, pick up the May issue of Latina magazine, on newsstands April 22.