EXCLUSIVE: Michael Trevino Reveals His Crush on Minka Kelly, Wants a Girl To Whip His Butt

A few weeks ago, Vampire Diaries star (and heartthrob) Michael Trevino was 80,000 feet in the air on a plane when he spotted actress Minka Kelly (Charlie’s Angels) on his flight, and liked what he saw. “If this flight attendant keeps feeding me drinks then I'm def going to start hitting on Minka Kelly whose [sic] sitting right behind me,” the Mexican actor tweeted.

This week, we asked Trevino, 26 if there was anything going on between him and Minka, 30 — of a mile high club nature. “First of all," said Michael with a big laugh, "who DOESN'T have a crush on Minka Kelly?” He adds: "She’s a gorgeous, beautiful woman, but that was just— we were on the same flight together…there was nothing there. I’ve never met her, but she’s talented and very gorgeous and she just finished doing Charlie’s Angels with my good friend (former Vampire Diaries director) Marcos Siega,” he explains.

When we joked with Trevino that he should keep his werewolf paws off Minka – since she’s rumored to be engaged to Yankee Derek Jeter – Michael laughed, “Hey man, you know, I’m sorry! That doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful. She’s still beautiful." Can't say we didn't warn you, Derek! 

Still, Trevino says Minka isn’t the only girl he’s crushing on in Hollywood. “I think Kate Beckinsale is a very talented actress and she’s gorgeous!” he says. “She's so good in those Underworld films, and not only is she talented and gorgeous but she's just a badass — she can probably whip my ass for sure, so that’s a turn on. If she can whip my ass, I'm down with it - that's fine."

Trevino, who recently denied rumors that he's dating Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz, is still looking for Mrs. Right. When we asked him if he’s dating anyone special, he said, “Nope, still very single.“

You heard it hear first chicas!