EXCLUSIVE: Mark Sanchez Says "It's An Honor to Represent & Inspire the Latino Community"

Everyone will have their eyes on Mark Sanchez this weekend as he leads the New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL AFC Championship game.

Sanchez has more than earned his nickname, The Sanchize, since he became the starting quarterback for the Jets last year. He’s won over his older teammates and coaches, the public, and the local media (not easy!) with his humility and charm. But most importantly, Sanchez and the Jets are winning! They’ve pulled off a series of upsets and will be playing for the American Football Conference this Sunday, just one step away from the Super Bowl.

Sanchez will be only the second Latino QB in the history of the NFL to lead his team to a Super Bowl win if he can manage to keep the Jets on track, but he doesn’t feel ready to look that far ahead yet. “Honestly, I’m just focused on this game,” he told Latina.com. “I don’t know how many Latinos or Mexican Americans have won an AFC championship, but I know I hope I’m the next one.”

We can’t blame him, after all, he’s been this close to glory before and fell short last year, but he’s ready in a way he’s never been before. “I’m definitely more confident,” said Sanchez. “I feel like I have a better feel for the game.”

But the importance of his Super Bowl run and the inspiration he provides to the community is not lost on Sanchez, even is if he is focusing on winning one game at a time. “It is an honor to represent the community and to be an inspiration for them really means a lot,” Sanchez shared. “That’s something that doesn’t really add pressure, I think it adds to the fun and excitement of everything going on, so it’s fun for me.”

Well, it’s fun for us too Sanchez. !Buena suerte!