EXCLUSIVE: Latina Celebs Tell Us All About Their BFFs!

In the new movie Monte Carlo (in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 1st), actresses Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy play three best friends who take a trip to Paris together. The on-screen love shared between their three characters is mirrored in real life, as Selena tells Latina.com that she and her co-stars were inseparable while they were filming the movie last year.

EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez on 'Monte Carlo': "We Never Hung Out with Guys"

“Leighton and Katie and me spent every scene together,” Selena explained. “We’d have dinner together and we would talk and we’d go out and it was always us three girls. There were romantic aspects for each of our characters and we had a lot of guys that were on the set and at our hotel, but we never hung out with them [Laughs]. We just hung out with each other," she said. So cute! This got us thinking about other inseparable duos in Hollywood, so we asked five starlets to tell us all about their BFFs! 

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