EXCLUSIVE: Judy Reyes: "I'm Built for Motherhood"

Dominican actress Judy Reyes has a new movie called Gun Hill Road opening at this month's Sundance Film Festival on January 24, but Reyes—who starred as Nurse Carla Espinosa on Scrubs for eight seasons—says her favorite role is being a full-time mom to her 13-month-old daughter, Leila Rey.  

"It's not that big of a deal, it's just patience," said the actress when we asked about the biggest lesson she's learned from being a mom. "[Leila] has a lot of personality, she's really cute."

As much as she's enjoying being a mom, Judy says no one is more surprised than she is that she's a mommy. Asked what has surprised her most about motherhood, she explained, "That I'm built for it! Because I'm 43 years old and I've been avoiding it all my life." 

Reyes explained why she waited so long to have her first child. "My mom was a young mom and I was keen to how overwhelming it was.  And I was like, 'No not me, honey, I’m going in the other direction.' 

She adds that she wasn't always fond of kids. "Little ones scared me," she confesses. "I always got along with kids 10 years old and up." But Judy figured out a way around that problem. "I don’t have to like anybody’s kid," she says with a laugh. "I just have to like my kid."

Reyes says she's no longer afraid of babies. "I'm in love with it. I'm totally in love with this kid!"