EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez on Why She and Marc Were "A Good Combination"

The news about Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s split shocked the world, not only because the super-couple seemed very committed, but also because they have several new projects scheduled to launch this fall, including a fashion and lifestyle collection at Kohl’s and the new reality show, Q’Viva: The Chosen.

Latina spoke with both Jennifer and Marc for a planned upcoming story about their collaborations a few weeks ago. Deputy Editor Angie Romero asked Jennifer about their relationship, both personal and professional:

On Working with Your Partner:

“Marc and I really do understand each other. We know each other’s hopes and dreams, we know each other’s strengths, we also know each other’s weaknesses, so in a way, we’re the best gauge of how we can be the best in everything that we do.”

On The Importance of Respect:

“You know, we respect each other, we respect each other’s opinions, and we love each other, more than anything.”

On How Working Together Strengthened Their Relationship:

“He wants me to be successful, I want him to be successful, he wants me to be happy, I want him to be happy, and all those things make for a very good combination in work, and in life.”

On How Their Relationship Was Fate:

“Yeah, I do believe in fate, I really do. And I believe in destiny and I believe that things are going to be what they’re gonna be and for whatever reason, we were meant to share this time together.”

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