EXCLUSIVE: Jencarlos Canela on William Levy: “He’s More of a Heartthrob”

Cuban actors Jencarlos Canela and William Levy are two of the hottest telenovela stars on the planet! So when we caught up with Canela last week, we asked the hunky actor-singer what he has in common with the Cuban Brad Pitt—and how they're different. “He’s a great guy, and a great father,” gushed Canela, 23. “We come from the same background—the same culture—and we’re both family oriented. I’ve got mad respect for him and a lot of love for him for sure.”

But Canela said there's one way in which he and William are total opposites. "As artists we’re completely different. If we were both to cast for a role—it’s impossible. Physically we’re different, our acting is completely different as well," said Canela, who added that he and William have different interests. “I started in music and that’s my forte and that’s what I’ve always done and where I’m heading” says Canela. “He’s an actor and has a bright future ahead of him. Our careers are heading down different roads."

Jencarlos Canela is Going to be a Papi

And because Canela is so focused on his music career, he says William can keep the title of galan de telenovelas. “I never pictured myself as a telenovela galan—never imagined I’d be in a soap opera,” says Canela. “I’m grateful because thanks to the soap operas we were able to promote our music on an international level—but it’s not really what I want for me or what I visualize for myself.”

And when we told Canela that people consider him just as much of a heartthrob as Levy—he explained who’s hotter between him and his Cuban buddy. “He’s more of a heartthrob,” he said with a laugh.

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