EXCLUSIVE: Jencarlos Canela on Picking Baby Names with Gaby Espino: "Our cultures kind of clash"

A few weeks ago, Cuban actor/singer JenCarlos Canela and his girlfriend (Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino) announced via their Twitcam that they are pregnant with their first child. “Yes, we are pregnant. So the world can know: we are pregnant,” Canela said. “It's great to finally share this with you all. It’s the most exciting, the most wonderful gift that life has given us. Our story is like a novela.”

This week, we caught up with Canela and the Cuban heartthrob dished on his deep connection with his son, why he and his girlfriend can't agree on a name for the baby, and why he's afraid he'll miss his son's birth. 

Jencarlos Canela is Going to be a Papi

Congratulations on your girlfriend Gaby Espino being pregnant! Are you excited about becoming a dad? 

It's cool, man! I mean, pregnant women can be very hormonal—no,I'm just kidding! {Laughs}. It's a great experience. Every time I see the belly getting bigger, and I see the sonogram and I hear his heartbeat, I'm like 'oh, man.' I've got the studio in my house so we're doing music all of the time and I know that he's used to that sound. I know that he's used to the music. When we put music on, he kind of kicks in the belly and it's cool to see how he's not even born yet, but he's already responding to the music. When I talk to him he kicks as well. It's a very deep connection that I have with my son already and he's not even born. So I'm loving it. 

Have you and Gaby already decided on a name for the baby?

We've tried everything, but the thing is that she's used to these soap opera names and no way am I going to put one of those crazy names on my kid—I can't do that. But then, I'm American. I was born and raised in the states and she's not used to the names that we're used to—so when I say Jake, or I say Damian—she's like, "Damian? No, that's the devil!" I'm like, 'no, wait, what are you talking about? Slow down.' Our cultures kind of clash when it comes to choosing a name for the kid. But we're getting there. 

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If it were up to you, what would you name your son?

If it was up to me I wouldn't even name him. I'd just live with him for a couple of months until I see what he looks like. Can you imagine if you put Jake, but he looks like a Carlos or something like that? [Laughs] I don't know, man. I mean, I've thought about so many names, but it's such an important decision to me because I'm going to be calling him that for the rest of our lives. I want to be in love with a name and I don't want it to be a common name—I want to make something up, but I haven't had luck making up a name. 

How about the name William Levy?

(Laughs loudly). No, no, no, no. I mean, William is a good gfriend of mine, but not that good a friend. I'm not going to name my kid William Levy. 

When is your girlfriend due?

She's due in February I think. I'm freaking out because I have a couple of concerts in February and it was before I found out that we were expecting—the contracts were already signed for the February dates. if not I wouldn’t have gone. But it's already locked and ready to go. And I have faith that i'll be present for the birth.