Exclusive: Eva Longoria Parker's Got Down Home Style

Eva Longoria Parker is considered one of the most stylish women on the planet, showing up at parties and premieres in one gorgeous dress after another--and even when she's not on the carpet, every handbag and shoe she carries is chronicled and analyzed by the fashion pundits.

But at a recent lunch interview at the Chateau Marmont, Latina.com discussed fashion and style with Eva only to find that she isn't a fashion creature after all! She's just a down home family girl from San Antonio who loves sewing, tats and function over form.

What is this fall's It Bag?

I have no idea.

What about the must-have shoe for fall?

I have no idea. Always boots, I guess.


I’m not a big know-it-all of fashion. I enjoy fashion and I find it fun, but I’m not up to date. My stylist is, and he’ll send me stuff...but I don’t really follow trends. I sew, though! I sew dresses for all my nieces' birthdays, and I once sewed their Halloween costumes. One was a cat and one was a bunny--a whole suit of fur. Two of my godchildren dressed as sheep. My other godchild was a lion, and he was six months old. So cute.

Can you tell us what all your tattoos are?

I have my wedding date in Roman numerals on the inside of my wrist. I
have a star, pisces sign and cross on my back, a nine on my neck, and a rose
on my back as well. I would love to have more, but because I’m an actress I have to keep them covered.

Tell us about your new house in San Antonio.

It’s family oriented. It’s very intimate, very beautiful and very warm. I’m Mexican, so every room is a different color. I love functional houses--I don’t like modern and simplistic. I love to put my feet on the coffee table, have a couch you can spill soda on, a table you can really eat at and chairs that are comfortable to sit in.

—Serena Kim