EXCLUSIVE: Don Omar: "It Doesn’t Matter How Long We're in the United States—We're Always Going To Be Latinos!"

Reggaetonero Don Omar is working with Time Warner Cable to help the company promote their new SAP options on on-demand movies. The new feature, which the company launched during Hispanic Heritage Month, allows Latinos to watch English-language movies in Spanish with their kids at home. The Puerto Rican Don Omar spoke exclusively to Latina.com about why having movies available in Spanish is such a good idea, why he'll always be a proud Latino, and why he isn't ready to crossover into the American mainstream market just yet. 

Tell us about your exciting new partnership with Time Warner Cable!

Time Warner Cable {customers} have the opportunity to go into the "On Demand" option and enjoy movies in English and in Spanish! It's a great opportunity for me as an artistand as a Latino, too. It's seeing a big company taking care of our Latin American community! 

Do your family members watch movies on demand in Spanish?

For sure! You know that when Latinos are in our family circle—we love to be Latinos! We grew up listening to and watching movies in Spanish and it's part of our life. And it doesn't matter how long we're here in the United States—we're always going to be Latinos! {Time Warner Cable} is giving us the opportunity to feel Latino in the United States and the opportunity to watch movies in Spanish. 

That's an interesting thing you just said—that no matter how long we're here, we're always going to be Latinos. Can you elaborate on that?

I've been in the United States for eight years, and i miss Puerto Rico like the first day I left. I'm always going to be Don Omar from Puerto Rico. My kids—no matter where they grow up—they're going to be Latinos. 

When you watch movies with your kids at home, do you watch in English and Spanish?

Yes. We watch Kung Fu Panda {Laughs}. I've seen all of the Ice Age movies like a hundred times!

How old are your kids?

6, 5 and 4. 

So your kids are growing up bilingual?

I see it like this—they're going to have a great education in the United States. They're going to learn to speak English and everything. I don't want my kids to forget where they came from, or where I came from. You know? I want my kids to have that heritage clear and alive in them. 

You recently starred in Fast Five and it seems like you're doing more and more stuff in English. Are you looking to crossover into English-language projects full-time?

I've been doing English collaborations since like six years ago. My first English collaboration was with Cuban Link, then it was with J.Lo—there was a collaboration with Fat Joe. But being real, I don't push any crossover moment for Don Omar as a singer or as an actor. I've got an accent and everybody knows that, I know that, and I love my accent. If you want me to {do something in English}, I'll be there showing my face with my Latino accent, and you've got to deal with that! At the same time though, being smart, it's great to do a crossover for a guy like me. As an artist, as an actor, as an entrepreneur—and I'm taking advantage of all these opportunities. But I don't really push it. I've been in the United States for like seven years and I'm still having problems with the verbs—and I don't give a ****. {Laughs}. 

Why should people check out your movie Fast Five on demand through Time Warner Cable?

The franchise did a great job with the last edition of the movie. Fast Five had a little bit of everything: action, drama, comedy—me and Tego Calderon are in charge of the comedy area. We had a great time filming it and you can see it in the film. And it’s a great choice as a family option for Hispanics right now with kids at home. Have food, have some arroz, habichuelas and carne—the Latino way!

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