EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dexter’ Star Aimee Garcia Says She's Buying a Pre-Made Turkey for Thanksgiving!

This year, Dexter star Aimee Garcia is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for her family in Los Angeles. “They are from Chicago and we are having Thanksgiving at my place, so the pressure is on!” Garcia tells Latina.com exclusively. 

The half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican star says she’s taken care of the important stuff—like making sure the tube is ready for her dad. “I will make sure my TV works so my dad can watch football,” she says.

But cooking for her family—which includes her cousins and their kids—is a bit more difficult for Garcia, who says her culinary talents aren't the greatest. "I'm not the best cook," she says. "For the feast, I will probably buy the turkey pre-made." 

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Garcia says she'll also be buying desert for tomorrow's dinner. "My mom has a sweet tooth, so I'll probably pick up some sort of pie," and she'll rely on her mom to bring over her signature homemade Sangria.  

Still, Garcia says she'll be doing some of the cooking. "I’ll make a roasted beet/burrata cheese salad," she says, adding "no meal is complete without tortillas, so we will be eating our turkey with warm corn tortillas."

Yum! Can we come over, too? 

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