EXCLUSIVE: Dania Ramirez Opens Up About Meeting her Fiancé

Dominican actress Dania Ramirez announced yesterday that she’s engaged and apparently very happy with writer/director Bev Land, grandson of Aflac founder John Beverly Amos.

When we asked how she met her Prince Charming, the American Pie star said, “The love of my life found me! That's how he would say it anyway since he claims he was attracted to my energy before I even turned around.”

Dania Ramirez Is Engaged!

While it takes some of us time to figure out who’s the right person for us, this wasn’t the case for Ramirez. “The moment I turned around, he casually asked me and our mutual friend to join him for lunch and once we started talking I knew I could talk to him forever and we haven’t stopped talking since!” the 32-year-old actress said. “And, the fact that he’s uber smart and has the most amazing son in the world there was no doubt I was totally in.”

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Ramirez said she feels as though she and Land have been together in so many other lifetimes. “I'm just glad we finally found each other in this one,” Ramirez said about her newfound love.