EXCLUSIVE: Constance Marie’s Daughter is "Going to be Spiderman" for Halloween

Mexican-American Puss in Boots actress Constance Marie told Latina.com exclusively about how her daughter is pumping up the girl power this Halloween, and why she thinks kids should be able to experiment with unconventional costumes.

“Well, I’d like to get a way with just being a grown-up,” Marie said when we asked her what she planned on being for Halloween, “but I might have to put on some bunny ears or something if my 2 and a half year-old insists. She’s going to be Spiderman.”

Actress Constance Marie Expecting Baby Girl!

As far as her daughter, Luna is concerned, “She started out as a cute white bunny and then she just changed her mind radically and said, ‘I want to be Spiderman.’ And she loves it! She puts that mask over her face and I can’t believe she does, but that’s what she’s going for. I want her to be a tomboy so let her be Spiderman.”

“I don’t think that women always have to be these soft, gentle creatures, like fairies. I mean, come on!” Marie declared. “We have to go to work and show up and overcome hurdles and have careers, so why can’t she be Spiderman?”