EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian On Daughter Violet's Birthday Party: "We're Going To Have Bunnies, Kittens and Cupcakes"

This Sunday after the Super Bowl, Cuban actress/singer Christina Milian is joining NBC's hit singing competition, The Voice as the show's new Social Media Correspondent. While Christina says she's psyched about being busy with the hit show, there's one person who isn't keen on Christina's new long work hours—her adorable daughter, Violet.

"Sometimes if I'm away from her too long, or I'm working too much, she'll start to test her boundaries," Christina tells Latina.com. "She'll test the waters even when I'm back and I'm around other people—it's an attention thing."

When she notices Violet's being rebellious, Christina sets up quality time with her daughter. "If I take her for the day and we go spend time at the zoo together, just her and I one on one, it's like a new baby!" Christina says with a laugh. "She becomes disciplined again."

Asked what kinds of things Violet does to test boundaries, Christina explains, "She'll throw her bottle or throw her cups. Or you'll go to bring her one thing and she wants the next thing, or she wont get in the car seat and throws a little tantrum until you get her to calm down," she says. She adds that all of those things that are typical for a two-year-old, and said Violet turns 2 on Feb. 26.

So what does Christina have planned for Violet's birthday? "I'm going to throw her a birthday party with an indoor playground and we're going to have lots of kids there," she says. "It's going to be a whole garden theme. We're going to have little bunnies and kittens and stuff like that for her and she'll get to play with all her friends and they'll have cupcakes. It's going to be really cute. About 2 hours."

Christina seems to be enjoying motherhood a great deal and says she woould be open to the idea of having more children, just not right now. "Oh absolutely!" the single mom said when asked if she'd consider having more children. "I would love to give her a little brother and a little sister, with a husband that's in the household," she said. For now though, Christina says she's focused on work and adds that Violet is well taken care of. "Violent's got plenty of love around her," she says.