EXCLUSIVE: Charisma Carpenter on Julie Benz’s Wedding: “I Was Asked To Be a Bridesmaid!”

When former Dexter star Julie Benz ties the knot with her fiancé Rich Orosco, the actress will have a former costar by her side: Charisma Carpenter! 

Carpenter, who's half-Spanish, met Benz in 1996 when they were costars on the Joss Whedon series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The two also worked together for several years on the Buffy spinoff, Angel. "Julie and I are still very close and she's getting married!" Charisma gushed to Latina.com. When we asked Charisma if she will be a bridesmaid at Benz's wedding, the 40-year-old actress gushed: "I was asked to be a bridesmaid indeed, and of course I will be there for her on her big day!"

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And when we double checked with Charisma to confirm that Benz's fiancé, Rich Orosco—a marketing executive—is Latino, the actress responded proudly, "He IS! Latino love!" 

Last month, when Orosco proposed to Benz and she said yes, he arranged for nearly 60 of their closest friends and family to gather at their home, along with a Mariachi band for a "pop-up Mexican fiesta" to celebrate their engagement.

Asked if she thinks they make a cute couple, Charisma said, "adorable," and added, "and they will make beautiful babies!"

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