EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne Talks Fashion & Reveals Her Style Crush

Bella Thorne may be young (she turns 15 in October!), but this Disney star has some serious style. Having just wrapped her Shake It Up music video for the song (appropriately titled) "Fashion is my Kryptonite," we caught up with the Cuban beauty to get her take on Cat Deeley, her fashion evolution and her style crush. 

How was it working with Cat Deeley on your new music video?

"She’s really sweet! She lights up the room. She’s very high-energy and she’s nice to everybody: the camera men, the wardrobe department... she just walks in with a bubbly personality."

Who is your number one style crush?

"Besides Cat Deeley, I really like Emma Watson. She really does it for me – this dress she wore in plaid was really pretty and she wore it with studded heals. I’ve just always wanted to (wear that) and I was like, 'No! She got to wear it and I haven’t!' (laughs) but she worked it."

How has your look changed or evolved?

"I would say that my look has definitely changed. I mean, a couple of years ago I was just a little bit more funky with big hair. Now, I’m just a little bit more sleek. I think my look has been a little more clean-cut lately."

What do you want your fans to see you as essentially?

"I want my fans to read my personality through my clothes. That’s what I always try to do. Some days, I’ll be in one of those moods; I’m wearing ripped jeans and some studded boots and cool comic t-shirt. And that’s the days my fans can tell I’m just more chill. And some days I’ll be wearing a cute little pink dress and they can tell that I’m more bubbly and excited that day."

Is fashion your kryptonite or is it something that you’re more laid-back about?

"It just depends. Sometimes I’ll be like, 'Oh yeah, I’ll try that top. Whatever!' But then sometimes I'm like, 'No. I need to wear this dress at this and this time.' For me, what I love are shoes. They need to be perfect. I have a big shoe closet!"

If we go into your shoe closet, which shoe designers would we see?

"Christian Louboutin. Brian Atwood... you’ll see a lot of Steve Madden. Steve Madden heels are so comfortable! They are just built for walking. Personally, I just love that they have a built-in platform. I have a lot of Chloe boots."

Do you feel like your Latin roots have affected your style in any way?

"No. I mean, the only thing is that I do like to wear a lot of red (laughs). A lot of people are like, 'red on redheads? Eh.' But I will pull it off! I’ll be at the ALMA awards wearing a red dress – you know that."

Are you a fan of this young star?