EXCLUSIVE: April Hernandez Castillo on New Latino Web Series 'East Willy B'

We caught up with Dexter star April Hernandez Castillo at the premiere of her latest project East Willy B, an innovative new web series made by and for Latinos that takes a comedic look at the effects of gentrification in inner city neighborhoods. She plays Maggie, a no-nonsense chica who is trying to gain control of the neighborhood bar from her ex boyfriend. Here's what she had to say about her latest role:

Why did you decide to get involved with a web series after your success in movies and TV?

My motivation for getting involved with East Willy B was the fact that this was finally some content on Latinos! I really enjoyed the writing and I thought it was pretty smart to go to the Internet and make it a web-series since it's going to be the new wave that’s coming in. Also, just working with all my friends – Caridad, Flaco and Danny Hock, who I was a huge fan of. It was just a culmination of all those lovely things that we call magic.

This series is comedic but it’s also taking on some pretty interesting issues. What do you think about the social aspect?

I think it shows the reality of what’s going on in our world today, especially in our communities and the lack of thereof.  When we were growing up as kids, everyone was involved. You could go to the bodega by yourself and they knew your name, they knew who you were, and we’re losing that. This also shows the funny side of what's going on in our communities. Latinos are just funny people and that’s how we deal with a lot of problems—through laughter.  When people watch this, they’re probably going to see something that’s going on in their community that they didn’t realize before, so it raises awareness.

What was your favorite thing about this character Maggie? 

My favorite thing about Maggie is that I’ve never played a character like her before. She's an uptight antagonist and I’m usually the "angry girl."  It was fun to just throw on some heels, I felt very Sex and the City! I know she’s probably going to be a character that people dislike but I see what drives her. She’s a visionary and she’s sees the bigger picture of everything that’s going. That’s what attracted me to her, she has vision.

Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the Latinas behind East Willy B below, and be sure to check out all of their new episodes, premiering Wednesdays at eastwillyb.com!

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