EXCLUSIVE: Ana Ortiz On Her Birthday Plans: "We're Playing Hooky from the Babies!"

Ugly Betty alum Ana Ortiz is turning 41 today! She spoke with Latina.com exclusively to share her birthday plans, what she loves about her being in her 40s, and why being a mother of two makes her family (and life) complete! 

EXCLUSIVE: Ana Ortiz Gives Birth to a Son Named Rafael!

What are your birthday plans?

Well, we’re playing hooky from the babies. {laughs} I got someone to take care of the kids today all day so I went to work out this morning to this crazy boxing-type class. And now we’re going to go see a movie. I can’t even tell you the last movie I saw! We’re going to go see a matinee. We’re totally playing hooky. {My husband} Noah {Lebenzon} is taking me out to a nice dinner on the beach.

Are your 40s even better than your 30s?

I think they’re better because I feel like my family is complete. I’ve always wanted two kids. I’ve always wanted a girl and a boy. I spent my 30s figuring out how to be a grown up, I guess. I loved my 30s! My 30s were really about being happy with what I was doing. So I think it’s going to be better. Ugly Betty put me in such a wonderful place and that was a big chunk of my 30s. I did that for four years… And the babies and everything and so I’m just {excited} to see what the next chapter is.

What has been the highlight for you of this past year? 

The birth of my son definitely. I always knew I was going to have a daughter. I was always so excited to have a girl. I was so comfortable in that world. So having a boy, this crazy little boy, is completely mental, but it’s also wonderful beyond my wildest imagination. And my daughter is so in love with him too so it just makes my life easier to know that she’s in love with her brother as much as I am.

Happy Birthday Ana!