EXCLUSIVE: Ana Ortiz Discusses 'Devious Maids' Finale & Life As Working Mom

You’re the star of a hit show and a working mom. Tell us about your new Campbell’s campaign and how it makes your life easier: 

I’m a working mother. I have two young children – 2 years old and 4 years old. Meal time has just become increasingly more difficult because they’re kind of picky eaters. I just was so tired of pulling something out of the freezer and having these boring meals. So, I teamed up with Campbell’s because they found the “Wisest Kid in the World." He’s a little guru – an eight-year-old boy who embodies the wisdom of kids everywhere. If you go to the website, you can find tips and recipes and advice. It’s just been really, really helpful.

Are there any tips that your kids have really loved? 

Yeah, well I’ve gotten quite a few recipes that have made my life a lot easier, because it’s an actually meal as opposed to pulling something out of the freezer. I’ve made a chicken alfredo that everybody just gobbled up. It’s funny because you forget you’re own childhood. I remember growing up, and loving chicken noodle soup. Now, my daughter is learning how to read. So, she loves the alphabet soup, because she can spell out her name! She just has a lot of fun with it! So, for me, it’s just been great. It’s just a really easy access website.

What’s it like balancing this hectic work schedule and being a full-time mom? 

It’s difficult. It's not easy. I’m very lucky that I have my husband. He’s an amazing partner. He’s as in it as I am! It’s nice to have that! You know the job that I work, we all have babies! Roselyn Sanchez has a little girl. Judy Reyes has a little girl. Dania Ramirez is pregnant with twins right now. So, I have a lot of support on set, and that’s a really wonderful feeling. We can bring our kids there to work. When I come home, I have a lot of support there too. So, I’m very lucky.

But like I said before, the Campbell's campaign ties in! You know, meal time has been getting more and more difficult. So, for me, having these easy recipes and tips just to make it a peaceful time has been awesome.

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