EXCLUSIVE: Ana Ortiz Discusses 'Devious Maids' Finale & Life As Working Mom

Ana Ortiz is one Latina who truly does it all. The mother of two balances a hectic schedule as one of the stars of Devious Maids and as the new spokeswoman for the Campbell’s Soup Wisest Kid in the World campaign, a fun push that allows parents to ask the “Wisest Kid" for tips and advice on making mealtimes and parenting easier. 

With the second installment of the highly anticipated Devious Maids finale set to air this Sunday, we sat down to chat it up with the star. Things have suddenly heated up for her character Marisol Duarte, and it seems like she's closer than ever to discovering who killed Flora! Ortiz gave us all the juicy details on what to expect from the finale, dished on her life as a working mom, and told us she wants YOUR help choosing a sexy boyfriend for season 2! 

Read on to see what Ortiz had to say: 

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the show in the beginning. It really took a lot of heat. What do you think was the biggest misconception? 

I think the biggest misconception is that we were all going to be subservient characters. That you were going to see a maid who said, “Oh hello, let me cook some tacos for you!” That you were going to see these caricatures. It’s just turned out to be exactly the opposite. These are really well thought out characters. They are the moral center of this show. They drive the show. They hold the power. A lot of us on the show – Roselyn [Sanchez], Dania [Ramirez], Judy [Reyes], myself – we’ve been acting a long time. We felt the responsibility as Latinas to really do honor to these women and to these characters.

The fans have been our biggest cheerleaders and our biggest supporters. We would not be anywhere without them. They were the ones who kept us going when we got all the controversy. Before people even saw the show, there was all this controversy. All we were saying was: just watch the show, then let’s have the conversation. 

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