EXCLUSIVE: Ana de la Reguera on Crossing Over from Spanish to English Roles: "It’s Like Living a Double Life."

Like many talented Latinas before her (Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, Paz Vega to name a few) famous Mexican telenovela actress Ana de la Reguera is crossing over from Spanish-language roles into the American mainstream. The beautiful actress, who's currently starring as a sexy unscrupulous singer on HBO's hit series, Eastbound & Down, spoke to Latina.com about the challenges that come from that transition.

Is it hard crossing over from Spanish-speaking roles into the American mainstream?

It is hard because in your country you’re well known and they offer me the best things back there. So it’s hard to sacrifice and start over. It’s also hard to come here and divide your time between the U.S. and Mexico, because I still go back and do movies and shows there. I have another HBO show there called Capadocia and I play the lead. It’s kind of like you’re living a double life. At the same time though, I'm able to work with people from all over the world. If I can be in Cop Out with Bruce Willis—and if I’m able to meet these directors and these actors—I’m going to do it. I’m going to sacrifice whatever it takes. For now.

Would you welcome the opportunity to play a lead role in English like Sofia Vergara does on Modern Family?

Oh yeah! For sure. Being a regular on a show is awesome for me and Eastbound & Down is a show that a lot of people follow so that that was great. I want to be able to play bigger and bigger roles.

Does it surprise you that Eastbound & Down decided to create a Latino-centric story line this season that takes place in Mexico?

I think it was surprising for everyone, but I’m really happy they did that because I got the job. I also think that it was very smart that they put Kenny Powers in Mexico because it makes him more ignorant. This guy was already ignorant, racist and silly, but he becomes more ignorant in Mexico. That's funny. Sometimes people ask me, ‘are you mad that they portray Mexicans in the show in a not good way?’ and I say ‘no, this guy is playing the silliest American and people here don’t get mad about that. It’s just a comedy and it’s full of stereotypes and full of jokes.