EXCLUSIVE: Alfredo Flores Dishes on His Love Life: "I Can't Focus On A Relationship"

Music video director Alfredo Flores' career is hot, hot, hot right now! The 23-year-old Puerto Rican director is currently in El Lay documenting the making of Justin Bieber's sophomore album BELIEVE, and working in the studio every night with Timbaland, Drake, and Pharrell.

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But like any director who's in big demand, Alfredo's success has made it impossible for him to have a personal life. Asked if he's currently dating anyone, 'Fredo tells Latina.com exclusively: "Constantly traveling and being on the road makes it so tough in the personal life department. I flew to Puerto Rico for a day to support my good friend Selena Gomez in the first show of her South American tour in my hometown. Then I had to fly to France for the NRJ awards for two days, then to Miami for a week with Justin to work on his album and now I'm back to L.A," he explains.

"With a schedule like that, I can't really settle down and focus on a relationship," he adds.

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Still, Alfredo says he loves going on dates and says he's a big fan of being in love. "I'm the complete romantic type so I like to do it right." But that doesn't change the fact that he's already married - to his job. "That's my #1 love. The grind never stops," he says.