EXCLUSIVE: Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals the Funniest Scene In 'Daddy's Home 2'


Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio returns for the sequel to the box-office smash Daddy’s Home, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.

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You know the drill. In the original, Wahlberg (Dusty Mayron) and Ferrell (Brad Whitaker) are dueling step dads navigating a blended family situation and competing for the affection of their kids. In Daddy’s Home 2, things get even more complicated as Dusty’s macho dad (played by Mel Gibson) and softie Brad’s dad (played by Jon Lithgow) join the mix, even though Dusty and Brad have developed a bromance, complete with cocoa and snickerdoodles. And this time, Dusty and Brad are determined to give the three kids a perfect “together” (as in all the families under one roof) Christmas.

While some films are plagued by the curse of the sequel, that myth didn’t faze Ambrosio. Ambrosio, who plays Karen, Wahlberg’s wife, told Latina.com, “The first one was amazing and this one is even better and there are more stories to enjoy.”

One of the stories she’s hinting at is the unspoken tension between Karen and Brad’s wife Sara (played Linda Cardellini).  Sara is intimidated by Karen's beauty and thinks she's shallow simply because she's stunning. “[Sara] feels insecure. And she doesn’t know what I’m writing about,” says the Victoria's Secret model. “For some reason, she thinks I’m writing bad things about her.”

Movies aside, Ambrosio says the best way to deal with someone who is judging a book by its cover—something she knows a lot about—is to: “Be confident. You don’t have to prove anything. You need to know that you are worth it and that’s all that matters.”

In 2015, when the receipts were tallied, Daddy’s Home racked in $242 million in worldwide sales.  Judging from the trailer, and the tagline “More Daddies, More Problems” this one has the potential to exceed its predecessor’s success.

Ambrosio agrees, saying, “When they find the perfect tree, that is the funniest scene.” While the actress won’t give away anymore deets than that, just know that the scene involves a chainsaw, snow, the woods and a cell phone tower.

In other words, it’s a recipe for comedy disaster. The mom of two swears that her family doesn’t get into any shenanigans the way her on-screen clan does, rather her love one fly Brazil and around 30 or 40 people come together for dinner and family time. “My aunts, my grandmother and my mom all make these amazing dishes for Christmas and we do the turkey and the ham. We love exchanging gifts and spending time together.”

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Fans can expect to see John Cena, as Ambrosio’s ex, back at it too. Check out the hilarious trailer below. Daddy’s Home 2 opens on Nov. 10.

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