EXCLUSIVE: 5 Latina Stars Share Their Valentine's Day Plans!

Chocolate, cards, and candy. These are some things we at Latina.com will be indulging in on Valentine’s Day. In the sentiment of this day, we spoke with five Latina celebrities about their plans. Whether they are spending some quality time watching movies on the couch or spending a romantic evening with someone special, these celebs candidly shared what they will be doing on Valentine’s Day! Check out what they had to say below!

1. Valentine's Day: Constance Marie

Constance Marie

"I’ve been with Kent {Katich} for almost 16 years and I’m sure in the midst of being parents to a who will be then a 3 year-old, we’ll find some quiet time. Most likely a movie and popcorn, which I have to tell you is one of the most awesome date nights ever! It’s totally classic! And he makes the best popcorn, with the fireplace, and a movie. It’s romantic."

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2. Valentine's Day: Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega

“We will probably just hang around the house and order Chinese takeout. We did just get a puppy named Ramona together so we will probably run around with her somewhere.”

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3. Valentine's Day: Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez

“I wish I knew! I certainly don’t want to go to a restaurant with a sappy pre-fixed menu with stuff I don’t want to eat. I would rather sit at home and watch love movies and veg out.”

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4. Valentine's Day: Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz

“I love playing hooky and working out in the morning, going to see a movie, and having a nice lunch. Maybe if I can find someone to look after the babies, I know it sounds so boring, but to me I’m in heaven like this with no one pulling at my shirt and I haven’t heard ‘Mommy’ like 20,000 times today.”

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5. Valentine's Day: Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla

“Not yet, but I assume something beautiful will take place that day. I am dating someone. So I’ll probably be with him. {laughs} Unless I’m working. And then it will be the 13th or 15th. Not yet. We just got back from Italy so we’re still reeling from our trip there.”

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