Ex-Husband Ordered to Pay Jennifer Lopez $545,000

Rule #1: Never, ever mess with Jennifer Lopez. Cuban-born waiter Ojani Noa probably wishes he didn't have to learn that the hard way, by attempting to write a tell-all book about his marriage to Jennifer and having Jennifer's lawyers block if from publication. Now, to make matters worse, a judge has upheld a 2007 order for Ojani to pay Jennifer over a half-million dollars in legal fees and damages, a judgment Ojani previously attempted to have overturned.

After their marriage ended in 1998 (less than one year after their wedding) and their professional relationship faltered when he was fired as head waiter at Jennifer's restaurant Madre's in 2002, Ojani wrote a salacious book outlining her "multiple duplicitous sexual affairs" behind Ojani's back during their marriage (including a tryst with her current husband Marc Anthony while he was married to ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres). The book violated a 2002 confidentiality agreement between him and Jennifer, prompting Jenny to file a lawsuit against Ojani, which she won.

After all this, Ojani has no book to show for his troubles, and will have to serve thousands of Big Macs in order to pay off his ex-wife. Looks like this Halloween, the trick is on Ojani and Jennifer gets all the treats.