Eva Mendes's Revealing New Calvin Klein Ads

For a woman who is supposed to be modeling clothing, Eva Mendes sure spends a lot of her time naked! Her latest round of advertisements for Calvin Klein jeans are causing a stir once again, and if the FCC was offended at her minor nip-slip in the Secret Obsession television commercial last year, then they will positively blow their lids at the soon-to-be-released print campaign.

In the new ads, Mendes is pictured greased up and topless, lounging on top of model Jamie Dornan. Her breast is clearly visible, so we're sort of wondering where these ads are going to run. Maybe Europe? They seem to have less of an issue with nudity across the pond.

Tell us: What do you think about the new adverts? Is Eva Mendes getting naked starting to sound like an old story or do you like the provocative new photos?