Eva Mendes on Being a Working Mom: 'Nobody Warns You About The Guilt'

Instagram/Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes, mom-of-two “angels” admits being an actress, clothing designer and mother has its challenges. And work-life balance? Mendes is not sure how she does it all. But she takes it day by day.

Recently, the 43-year-old hot mama confessed to E! that she didn’t realize—like millions of new moms—that she would feel guilty about dividing her time between her work and her two adorable daughters, Amada, 1, and Esmeralda, 3, with heartthrob, Ryan Gosling.


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She told the entertainment news outlet, “Oh, my God, nobody warns you about the guilt that you feel when you do work.”

Motherhood aside, these days Mendes is focused on her Eva Mendes Collection with NY & Co., which launched in 2015 and has been extended to 2019. Her collection runs in more than 50 shops and 19 Eva Mendes boutiques. The fall collection is available now.

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