Eva Mendes Reveals Her Secret Obsession, and Her No. 1 Beauty Tip!

Eva Mendes may play a stone-cold, husband-stealing sexpot on the big screen, but in her real life, she's nothing but a romantic—and a one-man woman to boot.

When asked by OK! magazine about her own secret obsession, her answer was simple: love. "I love "love!" I love being in love, and I love having someone be in love with me. Love is the sexiest thing in the world." Luckily, she has her long-time boyfriend and business partner George Augusto to satisfy her obsession.

But if love isn't enough to keep the glow on Eva's face, she has backup. The actress keeps a strict-but-simple beauty regimen to keep her golden complexion radiant. "It’s obvious but important: water, water, water! Staying hydrated is the best thing one can do for their skin," she reveals, adding, "I’m also big on moisturizing. I love to cake on heavy face cream. Cocoa butter has saved my dry skin many a time!"

Okay, so let's get this straight: to look like Eva all we need are a few liters of agua, some face cream and a boyfriend. If only it were that simple...