Eva Mendes Reveals Her Addiction - to Therapy

Sex siren Eva Mendes shocked her fans when she quietly slipped in and out of rehab earlier this year, and even though she refused to talk about the reason for her visit, she's very open about her current addiction: therapy sessions.

"I'm big on therapy," Eva tells E! Online. "I've always said I love talking about therapy, because there's nothing wrong with it. Why wait until something goes terrible in your life to start fixing things?"

As for the real battles she faced in Utah's Cirque Lodge rehabilitation center last winter? Eva gives nothing more than a vague clue. "Up until recently, I was really uncomfortable with having success and enjoying it," she says. "I just couldn't deal with that. How can I have so much? It's not fair. How can the world have so little? I allowed it to mess with me in the sense that I just didn't know how to handle it."

The actress found that playing Robin Hood was the best way to deal with the imbalance she felt. "I've really broken it down to this simple thing: I deal with everything by giving it away," she explains. "It's genius. It works." She started by doling out her expensive accessories, such as a new pair of Cartier sunglasses, to her "needier" friends. She told her gal pal, "'You need to have them. They look really good on you.'"

Seems like Eva knows a thing or two about being a good girl friend, even though she frequently plays husband-stealers and threateningly-sexy women on the big screen. "I've run into some women in my life who are like, 'I don't have any girl friends. I only have guy friends,'" she says. "And I'm like to the guys, 'Run for the hills when you hear a girl who says she only has guy friends.' That is a bad situation, because all women should have their base of girls."

Considering her affinity for female bonding, it doesn't surprise us that Eva counts Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz amongst her closest pals. Now that's a slumber party we'd like to be at!