Eva Mendes: "I Cannot Skip a Meal"

Stars! They're just like us! Eva Mendes appealed to us common folk today by admitting that she dreads going to the gym, and would rather sit on her couch eating sweets instead.

The actress, who recently took it all off for a Calvin Klein perfume advertisement, claims that no matter what the standard is in Hollywood, she refuses to give up food. She recently told Grazia magazine, "I'm like every other girl across the globe—I love chocolate and I hate working out. But the truth is I have to do it."

She adds, "I like to eat. I cannot hold back. I cannot skip a meal. So I get into the gym; I do a lot of cardio then some light weight training. Weight is easy for me to put on, and I'm thankful that it's pretty easy to take off."

Being considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood means there is plenty of pressure on Eva to maintain her slim physique. She confesses, "of course I take care of myself, and of course I have to look a certain way, because I'm an actress. There's also that little rebel inside of me saying that nobody's going to tell me how much I need to weigh or what I need to look like to fit in. I'm very defiant—I want it on my terms."

Eva has been able to maintain a healthy attitude towards the constant scrutiny over her weight. "Last year they thought I was pregnant because I had a bulge," she recalls. "I'd had pasta! I'd had a big lunch! Who really cares?"

Well, when your entire career is based on your waistline and bra size, we can think of a lot of people who care, but we're with Eva on being defiant when it comes to the intense media scrutiny over weight. Next time you're in town, Eva, pizza's on us!