Eva Mendes Caught Trying to Hide Pregnancy

Eva Mendes Caught Trying to Hide Pregnancy

Flash that bump proudly, Eva!

Just hours after news broke that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their first child, the 40-year-old Cubana was caught working as hard as she could to hide her baby bump.

According to TMZ, Mendes was photographed leaving a parking lot and grabbed everything she possibly could to hide the pregnancy, including a Birkin bag and scarves.

Although the actress went to great lengths to keep her belly hidden, a source revealed that the couple is extemely happy about their bun in the oven.

"They literally could not be more excited," the source told People. "She's feeling great."

Mendes is reportedly due in October. No word on the sex of the baby yet, but we're sure boy or girl, the little one is going to be a cutie!