Eva Mendes Explains Not-So-Secret Crush on Mick Jagger

She may be the most lusted-after actress in Hollywood, but Eva Mendes has a celebrity crush of her own: aged Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

The sexy star and Calvin Klein spokesmodel admits she nearly lost her head when she ran into Mick in an elevator in France four years ago. "I literally collapsed when he got out a floor later. He's delicious, he still looks really good."

Eva got the chance to redeem herself and play it cool when the two met again, when she was in talks to join the cast of the chick flick The Women, which Jagger produced (side note: huh?), but the second time was no charm. "I thought: 'He's never going to remember me,' so I just say: 'Hi, I'm Eva, nice to meet you,' and he says: 'Oh, I think we met in Paris.' I screamed: 'Oh my God, you remember me?' The whole facade falls and I was a complete geek."

We think it's cute that a star like Eva, who is probably used to having men fall at her feet, geeks out over her crushes just like the rest of us. But, we have to admit we're a little surprised by her taste. We can understand that kind of behavior over her co-stars Joaquin Phoenix or Denzel Washington, but Mick Jagger? Love may be blind but you can still feel wrinkles and flabby skin in the dark, Eva...