Eva Mendes Carried Knives for Protection

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Eva Mendes has no problem playing a sexy siren—and undressing for the part—but there was a time she felt she needed some extra protection for her coveted, umm, assets.

"I had just come out in Training Day and I was nude in it, so I was getting a certain kind of attention," the starlet reveals to Interview magazine. "I did carry a little blade. My God, with obviously no intention to ever use it. I had Mace as well. But the blade sounded cooler in interviews.
I was young and stupid."

Eva credits another big-screen sex siren for influencing her hardcore ways. "That was my controversial stage where I’d just started acting. I went through my little Angelina Jolie phase, like I was really tough."

The Cuban actress may be into showing a bit of her softer, more vulnerable side these days, but we know she can still hold her own. Just ask this guy.

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