Eva Longoria Tops PETA's Worst-Dressed List

The critter-lovers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals just announced their worst-dressed celebrities list for 2008, and landing alongside the fur-wearing likes of Lindsay Lohan and Marilyn Manson is none other than Eva Longoria. Says PETA, "Eva Longoria is short on compassion. In her trashy furs, she looks like the street walker of Wisteria Lane. Eva is one 'desperate housewife' who needs a quickie divorce from her stylist." Ouch.

This isn't the first time PETA has taken Longoria to task--back in 2006, they suggested that Longoria go hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney after the star told Oprah Winfrey of her hunting trips with her father as a kid, bragging, "I can skin a deer and a pig and a snake--and rabbits." Just recently, Eva revealed more about her family's hunting habits in an interview with the UK?s Digital Spy. "We didn't do it for cruelty. That's how we had dinner!" Hey Eva, maybe it's better to keep that stuff on the DL, no crees?