Eva Longoria-Parker Throws Star-Studded Party at Beso

The paparazzi were poised outside of Eva Longoria-Parker's new restaurant Beso last night, where the star's pals stopped by for dinner and drinks on the house. Eva's guests included Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica
, and Eve. What, no Posh to spice things up? We would pay good money to hear a conversation between Mrs. Beckham and the former Mrs. Lachey. Alas, who would expect Vicky to show up at an event where the focus is the food, anyway.

Guests dined on English's Meditteranean cuisine, but rumor has it that Eva may be stepping into the kitchen soon. She's done a lot of blabbing about her culinary skills, so it would certainly be interesting to see if Eva's hot dishes pass the test of LA's finicky upscale diners.