Eva Longoria Parker is Latina's November 2010 Cover Girl!

Actress and entrepreneur Eva Longoria Parker is on the cover of Latina magazine’s food and entertaining special issue, and if anyone has a recipe for success it’s Longoria Parker. Despite her busy schedule filming the 7th season of her hit ABC dramedy Desperate Housewives—Longoria Parker has somehow found the time to become an award-winning philanthropist and this year the self-proclaimed foodie opened Beso Las Vegas, a steakhouse and nightclub, making her the first female club owner on the Vegas strip.

For our cover story, Longoria Parker dished (pun intended) to writer Amy Elisa Keith about two of her favorite things: cooking and entertaining. “The hustle and bustle of the holidays is my break," said the actress. "I actually enjoy running around doing all of the shopping, preparing the food and all of that stuff. People get so stressed around the holidays, and I’m the exact opposite. My husband does a really good job of figuring out flights for everyone.”

She also tells us about some of her favorite Thanksgiving traditions. “Every year we have a tamalería which involves all of the cousins, aunts, my mom and my sisters doing an assembly line to make tamales,” says Longoria Parker. “I fry the turkey because I love the way it tastes and it’s easy.”

That ability to go from red carpet chic to getting her hands dirty in the kitchen is one of things we love most about Eva. Be sure to pick up the November issue of Latina to find out what it’s like to wine and dine with Eva Longoria Parker and her NBA star husband, Tony Parker.