Eva Longoria Parker: "I'm Just Fat"

Eva Longoria Parker is desperate to put a stop to rumors that she's expecting a baby. The actress declared to Parisian newspaper Le Grand Journal that she's not pregnant, "I'm just fat."

According to sources, she then burst out laughing while her husband Tony Parker chuckled nervously.

Eva still contends that her recent weight gain is due to her role on Desperate Housewives. "Gaby is having a very tough time being the mother of two overweight, hyperactive children," creator Marc Cherry recently said. "But Eva is having a marvelous time playing her!"

To make her character Gabrielle Solis look like she has two kids, Eva has said she spent her summer eating "everything in sight! Pasta ... pizza. Tony and I went crazy this summer!" She also claims to have stopped working out and has starting wearing fat pads around her body.

Sooo, we guess Eva must have gotten really attached to her stomach pad and started wearing it everywhere she goes, from romantic dinners with Tony to Fashion Week shows in New York. And, we really wonder what kind of diet she's on that makes her gain weight only on her belly....