Eva Longoria-Parker Has a Star-Studded Girls' Night Out

What was Eva Longoria-Parker doing eating at posh LA restaurant STK the night after her own posh L.A. restaurant, Beso, opened? Dining with Posh, of course! Eva and Victoria Beckham stepped out for dinner and drinks along with mutual friend, actress Kate Beckinsale (side note: what a random trio!) this past Friday night, OK! magazine reports.

The ladies chatted over dinner—probably comparing notes about their hot husbands—and then retreated to nearby lounge Coco de Ville for glasses of red wine. The power trio was protected by a couple of burly bodyguards, which an onlooker deemed "completely unnecessary." He adds, "Nobody was even trying to bother them." Victoria must have felt more comfortable with the "public" than her mates, since she opted to line-up for the ladies room rather than use the private facilities the bar keeps clear for VIPs.

"It was quite amusing," the witness says. "The door was locked, so Posh started banging to let the girl inside know someone was waiting—and then three girls all came out at the same time to see Victoria Beckham standing there. It was classic."

We're still not sure what these three have in common (besides tons of money and fame), but we hope aspiring chef and restauranteur Eva taught super skinny Posh and Kate the joys of eating—looks like they need a crash course.