Exclusive Outtakes From Eva Longoria's November 2012 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our November cover star Eva Longoria? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Eva's November 2012 cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands, Nook & Kindle on October 16!

1. Eva Longoria Outtakes 5

On missing Desperate Housewives:

"I do [miss it]. I miss the consistency of going to the same place every day. I miss the girls. I miss the crew and I miss seeing their faces everyday. But no Gabby withdrawal. We did it all with that character. We fully explored every aspect of Gabby over eight years. [Laughs]"

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On juggling all of her gadgets and devices:

"I have to have my Blackberry because I can only type fast on that but I also have the iPhone of course, I just cant type as fast. Plus on [the iPhone] I have autocorrect, which sometimes I don't like. iPad, iPhone, blackberry -- I'm connected. A mobile office if you will. It's so funny because I don't even know where my laptop is. I was looking for my laptop the other day and I haven't used it in months."

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On being in the position to give talented Latina actresses work:

"That's honestly been my goal as a producer with a project like Devious Maids is to employ dynamic Latinas especially women in great work and being able to provide that outlet, that platform and that opportunity for them to show what they have. When the Latino community complains that we aren't on TV and in movies and we're not reflected, then I say get behind the camera and write it and produce it and direct it. We're not going to sit here and wait for someone else to do that.  The Marc Cherrys of the world only come around every ten years saying 'Hey I'm going to do a show about Latinos.' When does that ever happen? So we've got to do it. And we've got to get behind the cameras. I feel like I'm walking the walk and I'm talking the talk."

4. Eva Longoria Outtakes 2

On how she spends her downtime:

"I meditate a lot in the mornings and at night and I work out. And cooking, those are my downtimes. I have so many new recipes now that I'm working on because I'm on this whole health kick."

5. Eva Longoria Outtakes 3

On developing and enjoying her late 30s:

"The late 30s are so much better than the 20s. Oh God yes, I've always looked forward to my 40s. Since I was 20 I was saying 'I can't wait to be 40.' I don’t know why. But I think that age is not really a number for me. I feel younger and at my best right now. I really do."

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On giving the guys of her new show, Ready for Love, dating advice:

"I would give them advice all the time. I told them that they didn't come here to find a girl, they came here to find the girl and to let that be your guiding compass. There were some amazing women on the show and they would say 'oh my goodness, she's so great.' Yeah, she's great, but is she the one for you?"